Happy Rosé Day & Bienvenue à Château Minuty

Date: 14-08-2019

We are excited to introduce you a fresh-face on our shelves and another quality producer to the range at Maison Vauron : Château Minuty.

Beautifully situated in a Provençal village called Gassin, Château Minuty is a family owned estate that has belonged to the Matton-Farnet family for over eighty years, spanning three generations.

This is one of the last family-owned estates in the Côtes de Provence region to exclusively hand farm, hand harvest and hand sort in order to ensure the grapes are in impeccable shape when they arrive at the winery.  Additionally, the family owns or controls all vineyards under the Minuty label and while they make high-quality red and white wines, their intense focus is on the production of world-class rosé.

Château Minuty is regarded as the top producer of Côtes de Provence rosé in the Côte d'Azur region.

They produce 4 different types of Rosé.

The Prestige Range

The Prestige wines have been a must for over 25 years. Full of character resulting from subtly combining intensity and finesse, these wines reflect the perfect mastery of terroirs from the Côtes de Provence and illustrate the Matton family’s know-how amassed over several generations.

The M Range

Iconic figures of Provence, these wines are elaborated in true Minuty style, combining freshness with great fruit extract and intense flavors. The M range is perfect to share with friends or family. Modern, pleasurable wines, ideal for extending that holiday feeling.

Château Minuty Or

In less than a decade, the “Or” range has become a key figure in Château Minuty’s product line-up. Resulting from meticulous plot selection, the authenticity and instant enjoyment evoked by these cuvées truly set them apart.
Looking to create a selection of wines that would reflect their image and embody their generation,

Château Minuty 281

The pale hue and translucent reflections of this rosé heralds a delicate wine with an intense and complex bouquet. The fineness of white fruit aromas is disclosed through iodine notes, giving it a unique character.

Will you wait the summer season to start to try those wines ?

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