JC in France January 2020 | Day 1

Date: 13-01-2020

Day one

Bonjour à vous tous!

I have just arrived in Paris for my first annual buying trip (my next one will be in May/June). For this one I have the great pleasure to be accompanied by our youngest daughter – Emilie. Emilie is 20 years old and have one more or so years at Uni before entering the active life. It is perfect timing to join me and put another piece of the puzzle to her food and wine education! Charlotte, our oldest, did it two years ago.

Our first challenge this morning was to make sure that our train Paris – Strasbourg (first Capital of the Alsace wine region) has not been cancelled, because the strikes in France are going strong! France is completely paralysed, this is crazy stuff! Anyway we managed to picked up our car in Strasbourg as per arranged and drove down to the little and beautiful village of Eguisheim where will be staying for two nights. The weather is dry even sunny and temperatures around 7 degrees. We had lunch in the famous L’auberge de la Gare in Colmar – A classic!

JC and Emilie's train from Paris

Artistic menu from the cafe

Cafe with beautiful interior in Paris

Emilie and JC on the streets of Strasbourg