Anis de Flavigny, France’s oldest brand produces vegan candy

Date: 19-02-2020

In the heart of the Burgundy region, the Anis de Flavigny factory has been located within the same ivy-covered Benedictine abbey for the last 400 years. As such, this family-run artisanal business, devoted to its little candy, is the oldest brand in France.

The Anis de Flavigny is a delicious anise candy produced in the small village of Flavigny since 1591. Comprised of only three ingredients (a gram of sugar, an anise seed, and natural flavor), this confection has been a favourite in France for generations.

The candy originated during the Roman era, when a traveler brought the aniseed to France. During the 8th century, monks in the Flavigny abbey conceived the idea of covering the seed with sugar. Thanks to the savoir faire inherited from the Abbey’s monks, the factory team of 30 confectioners continues the tradition by using the same ingredients and recipes as in the 8th century. Within a beautiful copper basin, the confectioners pour warm sugar syrup on the anise seed for 15 days until the sugar-coated seed is a small hard candy no larger than a pea.

In France, the Anis de Flavigny is as famous for its taste as for its adorable packaging! Discover their range of vegan candy here.



Anis de Flavigny                                                                                                           Workshop in 1930