Gilles in France February 2020 | Salon du Fromage

Date: 27-02-2020

Bonjour à vous tous!

After two years not visiting France, I have arrived in Paris. It feels good to be back! France's strikes are easing, so I shouldn't have too many issues during my trip. Tomorrow and for the next few days I will be attending the "Salon du Fromage", the capital event for the cheese industry. The Salon du Fromage is only a small part of the Salon d’Agriculture which attract thousands of people. This is a huge and important event for the French Farmers and our president Macron was on site all Saturday (12 hours). Both on Sunday and Monday I came across the Ministre de L’Agriculture with his entourage and security crew.

The Salon du Fronage is held in the Pavillon 7, which is split in 2 categories. On the left “ Chiens et Chats” (dogs & cats) and on the right “ Fromages and Produits Laitiers” (cheese and dairy products). The later is only for trade people.

I wonder how many got confused upon arrival ?

It seems “impossible“ to try all the fromages from 12 countries and 250 exhibitors even in 3 days. The Spaniard have a big presence for this year's expo and even hosting the only eatery on site. So viva Espana Food if you feel like eating more.

I have discovered so many new fromages in the French section. I really enjoy the passionate discussions of Cheesemakers from the four corners of France.

One of my highlights was Brie Rouzaire au lait crus (unpasteurized milk) and black truffle Mont D’Or Badoz,

Jean Faup - Gold Medal, Bethmale - Bronze Medal.

“ Chiens et Chats” (dogs & cats)

“ Fromages and Produits Laitiers” (cheese and dairy products)

Badoz Stall

Jean Faup - Gold Medal & Bethmale - Bronze Medal