Gilles in France February 2020 | Dordogne

Date: 11-03-2020

From early 1920, the Monteil family was a company who employed mushroom harvesters to collect wild mushrooms, they paid them after delivery and weighting. All the harvesters keep their own foraging area a secret. In 1999, a storm destroyed most of the forests and regional councils decided to replace the traditional Épicéa Pine by a faster growing variety the Douglas (from US). This was disastrous for the traditional ceps, trompettes des morts and girolles mushrooms. This means that in 2020 the family business employs only 9 staff (compared to 20, back in the days). But Mr Jean Claude Monteil continues his business patiently, supplying to local restaurants, soon after all around France and export to other countries. By being patient, flexible and willing to adapt to the demands this aided Monteil's sucess and growth. 



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