Gilles in France February 2020 | Epilogue

Date: 12-03-2020

The last 2 weeks in France certainly felt like a roller coaster for me. Starting with a deep plunge straight from the Charles de Gaulle Airport into the heart of Paris. The Metro - RER was efficient and help me to cross from one side of Paris to the other in only 1/2 hour. Spring is finally here with flowers blossoming and new seasonal products on offer. Underground, crowds of busy Parisians on their daily commuting, avoiding the best they can various buskers. Notre Dame de Paris in repairs, the smell of croissants and smoking cigarettes at every street corner, I had to pinch myself several time to make sure I was not dreaming. Driving 1800 km across the country and along side the Auvergne volcanic chain reminded me how big and varied France is. But also how generous and passionate people are about their own region's history, traditions and food. I can’t wait to be back and continue this wonderful and complex cheese journey in my own country.

A bientôt!


Local French store 

Local Market in Paris

Spring is here!

Notre Dame