JC in France May - June 2018 | Day 5

Date: 01-06-2018

Sunday today and food shopping is on the agenda. Although we are going to eat a lot in restaurants and Chateaux in the next week we are also planning to do a bit of cooking at 'home' - the plan is for some lighter meals!! …It’s only a plan!
Lunch was spent in the middle of the park of the Chateau surrounded by vineyards and under a beautiful blue sky. 
In the afternoon, visit of 'La cite du vin' (a museum as well as a place of exhibitions, shows, movie projections and academic seminars on the theme of wine). No one should be allowed to visit Bordeaux without visiting this amazing place – it’s wonderfully done and one can spend hours going through the different sections.
Barbecue at home for dinner with a huge mixed grill. Everyone helped to put this meal together and I was very impressed with Sean's backed potatoes and Ginny's chocolate soufflé with fresh raspberries. We had a lot of laughs and plenty of white and red Bordeaux. Heavy rains are forecasted during the night. - JC

Lunch in the park of our chateau - our home for the next week

JC on the BBQ