Caviar Sturia with White and Green Asparagus

Date: 30-10-2018

Here is an easy and delicious recipe for caviar. With asparagus now in season, you don't need to go to too much effort!
A glass of Champagne to accompany this makes for a heavenly match.
Ingredients for 4 persons:
• 2 bunches of green asparagus
• 1 bunch of white asparagus (if you can't find white, use green)
• 0.5 l of balsamic vinegar
• 1 bouquet of pansies flowers
• 1 bunch of chervil
Peel and cook green and white asparagus separately in salted boiling water. Cool quickly and cut the ends and sections. Reserve.
Reduce the balsamic to a syrupy state. Reserve.
Remove the chervil and pansies stalks.
When serving, arrange the asparagus in a nice serving plate and add a few reduced balsamic points, the herbs and finish by placing small spoons of caviar on the pieces.
Et Voilà!