Domaine du Tariquet - A Family legacy

Date: 13-Jul-2017

If you have a friend that spends his holidays in the South West of France, ask him if he knows the Domaine du Tariquet and you will notice a dreamy smile on his face. It's not surprising! Tariquet is an iconic wine from the South West region of France. Almost a heritage, this iconic house has many stories to tell since it was founded a hundred years ago.
In the French department of the Gers, the heart of Gascony, the Artaud and the Grassa families have made history. Traditionally, Gascony has always been a breeding ground for the brave. Whether it is the region’s fiercely independent Basque forefathers or its rebellious Huguenot ancestry, there’s apparently something in the wine that creates the stuff of legends. The history of the Artaud and Grassa families is as epic a tale as they come. With a family tree of colourful and brave pioneers, from bear trainers to bartenders, prisoners of war to Resistants, it is no wonder that Domaine du Tariquet has pushed the envelope. Not only do the Grassas traditionally distil their grapes into world-class Bas-Armagnac but they were the first in their region to recognize that the quality of their grapes could yield delicious wines.
Today, their sons, Rémy and Armin, run the domaine and have brought it to new heights. They have also added three other estates to the family holdings, Domaine de Pouy, Domaine Lalande, and Domaine La Hitaire, making their own contribution to the family legacy and becoming one of the most well-known winemaking and distilling families in all of France.