Know your rosé? Here’s your go-to guide

Date: 07-11-2018


It all began in the picturesque region of Provence and thankfully made its way to Aotearoa. We’ve broken down the French rosés into regions and how to pick them.

1. Provence: The Provence style has become increasingly popular over the years, and there is good reason for this. It’s an elegant and easy drinking wine with a crisp, bone-dry, light floral style. Not to mention this region is the largest producer of rosé in the world! Go for Hermitage Saint Martin Côtes de Provence Rosé 2017 and Domaine de Paris Côtes de Provence 2017.

2. Languedoc: The Languedoc is positioned with the Mediterranean to its east and the Pyrenees mountains to its west. These conditions make for a very diverse selection of rosés. Pale and peachy with enough body and fruit to please those who lean towards reds. Go for Lascaux Côteaux du Languedoc 2017 and La Negly ‘La Natice’ Côteaux du Languedoc la Clape 2017.

3. Loire Valley: The Loire is France’s most diverse wine region, you can expect excellent rosés at an affordable price from here. The rosé wines of the Loire are refreshing and full of flavour and brightness. They are dry to off-dry and go great with food. Go for Château Fesles Rosé d’Anjou 2017.

4. Rhône Valley: Rosés from the Rhône are lighter on the wallet and heavier in the mouth than their Provençal cousins. Slightly fuller-bodied with bright cherry flavours. Go for Montezargues Tavel 2017.

5. Bordeaux: When we think about Bordeaux, red wine is what comes to mind. So it may be surprising when you hear Bordeaux is producing more delicious rosé every year. The style of Bordeaux rosé is very fresh, dry and fruit forward. Light in colour and typically has grapefruit, currant and red berry notes. Go for Clos Cantenac Lexuberance Rosé 2017.

With summer in our sight’s rosé is a natural choice, not just for its deliciously refreshing style but its food pairing abilities – think fish, seafood, Asian cuisine and summer barbecues.

Santé! Cheers to summer!

Our favourite of all this season (Cru Classé from Provence):

Ste Marguerite 'Symphonie' Rosé

Ste Marguerite 'Symphonie' Rosé 1.5 litre