Wine and Cheese matching for summertime

Date: 06-11-2018


As the evenings get longer and the weather gets warmer, outdoor dining becomes more and more accomplishable. There is no better time of year to fire up the barbecue, crack open a bottle and enjoy the best time of year.

In French culture, sitting around a table enjoying food and wine with friends and family is significant. It can be made even more so when you have memorable wine and food to accompany.

We’ve got some basic guidelines on food and wine pairings that will help you this summer. 

Our TOP 5 matches:

  1. Let’s begin with a quintessential Kiwi scene – Barbecues. Grilled red meats and sausages are great with Syrah’s so the heavier wines of southern France. Try Pegau Côtes du Rhône Maclura 2015. Rosés can also be well suited to a barbecue situation (think grilled chicken), they are very food friendly in general. Try the Montézargues Tavel 2017 from the Rhône.
  2. When it comes to seafood, we look at weight and substance. Light, raw fish and briny shellfish go best with delicate light wines. Similarly, fleshy fish and crayfish go better with heavier whites.
  3. Fresh summer salads and goat’s cheese match perfectly with a Sauvignon Blanc.
  4. Fresh corn and guacamole best suited with a Chardonnay.
  5. Cheese boards are more suited to the whites and rosés.

There doesn’t need to be a science to wine and cheese matching, but it can make life easier if you go by a few key principles.

Bon appétit! & Happy dining!