Pierre-Marie Chermette - The art of Gamay 

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www.chermette.fr - Photos : © Hori

The late Marcel Lapierre once said of Beaujolais, ‘Ça se bois sous la douche.’ (It’s a wine you can drink under the shower). While this captures the simple deliciousness of much Beaujolais, it doesn’t do justice to the wines being produced by the finest artisans like Pierre-Marie Chermette. Of the wines of Domaine du Vissoux we would be more likely to say, ‘Cest trop bon pour être bu sous la douche!’ (It’s too damn good to be drunk in the shower!  )

Beaujolais can be the most joyful, compelling and life-affirming of wines. Yet in the hands of a master it can also be a wonderfully refined, long-lived Burgundy. Domaine du Vissoux is a producer capable of fashioning such wines. This is why their wines can be found in many of France’s finest restaurants and why Vissoux remains high-rated Beaujolais producer in the leading French wine guide, Les Meilleurs Vins de France.

Domaine du Vissoux is a family-run wine estate located in Saint-Vérand village, in the Pierres Dorées (golden stone) area, southern Beaujolais. Combining tradition and modernity, owners Martine and Pierre-Marie Chermette are fully committed to bringing you really high quality, authentic terroir wines. As soon as Pierre-Marie Chermette took over the family estate in 1982, he decided that he would sell his wine in bottles. He has been committed to quality from the start and is very attached to managing the entire process of winemaking, from the vines to sales, himself.

Domaine du Vissoux was among the first in Beaujolais to use sustainable agricultural practices, shunning the use of any chemicals in the vineyard and encouraging as much life in the soil as possible. They prune hard to keep yields low, harvest by hand when the grapes are fully ripe and regularly carry out ‘green harvests’ to further reduce the yields and ensure full ripeness for the harvest. The wines are matured in traditional up-to-the-ceiling, neutral oak casks in the carefully preserved beautiful cellar built by Pierre-Marie Chermette’s great grandfather.

For 20 years, Domaine du Vissoux marked with an exemplary regularity and the wines have no equal, in both their depth and their structure. Martine and Pierre-Marie’s efforts and talent make successful wines in their 3 Crus: Fleurie, Brouilly and Moulin-à-Vent. Their son Jean-Étienne has taken responsibility to ensure the future of this gem of Beaujolais.