Chaumes Classique 200g

Chaumes Classique 200g

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The name French word chaumes literally translates to ‘stubble’. From Perigord (South West of France), Chaumes is a soft pale cow’s milk cheese, with a full-bodied flavour. Based on the Trappist style of making cheeses, Chaumes has a bright orange rind washed and brushed during aging, which gives the cheese a nutty, almost meaty taste and mild aroma.

Serve Chaumes with a few dried fruits such as figs, grapes, apricots or almond and pair it with a solid red wine.

Technical Informations
Origin Perigord, France
Type soft
Milk pasteurized cow's milk
Rind washed
Texture soft, creamy
Flavour fruity, nutty
Aroma mild

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