Montagnard 200g

Montagnard 200g

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Montagnard des Vosges is a genuinely rustic speciality. It is a cow’s milk cheese produced in the village of Le Tholy in the French region of Lorraine. It holds the prestigious Vosges Terroir label of quality. It is made exclusively from milk collected from farms above 600 meters, around the area. The Montagnard des Vosges, as the name implies, is a mountain cheese with a strong character. It is an intensely creamy cheese with pleasant, earthy flavours, but without any sharpness at the finish.

It is excellent as a table cheese with rustic bread or a baguette. The Montagnard is best enjoyed with a Pinot Gris, or Chardonney that will highlight its strong nature.

Technical Informations
Origin Vosges, France
Type soft
Milk pasteurized cow's milk
Rind washed
Texture creamy, unctuous
Flavour fresh, lactic, earthy
Aroma wood, slightly pungent

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