Onetik Bleu Des Basques Brebis

Onetik Bleu Des Basques Brebis

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Bleu des Basques is produced by the Berria de Onetik cooperative, in the Basque region of France, in the Pyrenees Mountains. This region is well known for the production of sheep’s milk cheese. This cheese was first produced in just 2001 and since then has won a Gold Medal at the French Concours General Agricole.

Bleu des Basques has a natural beige-coloured rind and cream-coloured paste with very thin, fine blue-gray veins spread throughout. With a semi-firm texture, creamy on the tongue, the Bleu des Basques has a full, nutty, buttery and faintly sweet flavour. It also has a wonderful combination of earthy spiciness and hints of apricot. A real treat at any time of the day.

Try pairing Bleu des Basques with a sweet Sauternes and figs to bring out the complex flavours of the cheese.

Technical Information
Origin Basque Country, France
Type semi-hard, blue-veined
Milk pasteurized sheep's milk
Texture rich, slightly moist, bites of crunch
Flavour salty, tangy, spicy, fresh
Aroma lactic, earthy as well as spicy and floral

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