Petit Gres Alsace 125g

Petit Gres Alsace 125g

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Very similar but milder than the Maroilles, Grès d'Alsace is made on the rich soil of the Alsace region, a very favourable environment for the cherry trees that make a wonderful kirsch Spirit which is then used to mature the Grès d'Alsace.

Grès d’Alsace is carefully matured for a minimum of three weeks then hand packed and decorated with a nice fern leaf from the region. It has the typical yeasty aroma of a washed rind with hints of mushroom, barnyard and smokey garlic. The aroma is quite robust compared to the taste; underneath the moist, sticky rind is a soft supple paste with a pale straw colour and a delicate earthy flavour.

It pairs well with white Alsace wines such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer or Pinot gris.

Technical Informations
Origin Alsace, France
Type soft
Milk pasteurized cow's milk
Rind washed
Texture soft, supple
Flavour earthy, sweet
Aroma mushroom, pungent

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