Pico Affine 100g

Pico Affine 100g

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Pico is a delightful miniature round of goat cheese, barely protected by the very thin Geotrichum rind, which arrives in its own convenient wooden box. From the Perigord region, Pico is a creamy soft-ripened cheese. Often compared to Camembert, Pico is sold young, and will develop as it ages, changing into a much more complex and pungent goat cheese. Very flavourful and very aromatic, with hazelnut notes.

Serve on a cheeseboard with grapes and pears and a glass of Sancerre or a fruity, yeasty Champagne.

Technical Informations
Origin Perigord, France
Type soft
Milk pasteurized goat's milk
Rind natural
Texture creamy
Flavour buttery, mushroomy, sweet
Aroma fresh hay, earthy, goaty

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