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Rochebaron, also known as Montbriac, is a wonderful French blue gourmet cheese made from pasteurised cow's milk, in the town of Beauzac in the centre of France.

Rochebaron is very different from many of the softer brie-blue combinations available. It is very striking on the cheese board with its soft, gooey texture, and blue veining outlined by the blue-gray color of the ash-covered rind. The flavour of this attractive gourmet cheese is creamy, complex and satisfying while being not too sharp or aggressive. A fantastic example of the French love for fine cheeses.

The cheese tastes best with crusty bread and fresh fruit and pairs well with Champagne, a red wine from Savoie or a Pinot Noir from Burgundy.

Technical Informations
Origin Auvergne, France
Type soft blue-veined
Milk pasteurised cow's milk
Texture creamy, soft
Flavour salty, creamy, mushroomy
Aroma strong

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