St Agur a la coupe

St Agur a la coupe

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Saint Agur is a blue cheese made from pasteurised cow's milk in the village of Beauzac from the mountainous French region of Auvergne. Since 1988, the Bongrain Cheese Company has been manufacturing this double-cream cheese.

The moist, rich, white cheese has characteristic olive green mould veins throughout and a smooth, creamy texture with a subtle mild spicy taste. Not as salty as other blue cheese, it’s tangy and double-creamy nature are well balanced and make the cheese easy to spread or to cook with.

Saint Agur goes perfectly with many wines like Brouilly, Jurancon, Porto, Chardonnay, Syrah or Banyuls and fruits such as walnuts, pears and figs.

Technical Informations
Origin Auvergne, France
Type soft blue-veined
Milk pasteurised cow's milk
Texture smooth, creamy, spreadable
Flavour mild spicy tangy and double-creamy
Aroma lactic, creamy, earthy as well as spicy and floral

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