Fougerus Petit 250g

Fougerus Petit 250g

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Fougerous cheese was created in 1960 by master cheesemaker Robert Rouzaire, in honour of a older and rare cheese by the name of Chevru. The name Fougerus is a tribute to the fern leaves that adorn the top of each round of cheese, giving it a distinct appearance and herbaceous aroma.

From the family of Brie-style cheeses, Fougerus has a soft, creamy interior with a slightly salty, chalky flavour. The thick velvety rind is fully edible and in fact quite tasty. When served at room temperature, the cheese is soft and very spreadable and it can easily replace Brie de Meaux in any recipe. Try it with a Sauvignon blanc from the Loire Valley for a delightful contrast.

Technical Informations
Origin Ile de France, France
Type soft
Milk pasteurized cow's milk
Rind bloomy
Texture creamy, smooth
Flavour salty, sweet
Aroma herbal, earthy

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