Onetik Grand Basque

Onetik Grand Basque

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Le Grand Basque is produced by the Berria de Onetik cooperative, in the Basque region of France, in the Pyrenees Mountains. In order to offer you the finest cheeses, Onetik’s farmers must first provide the best care to their animals to obtain the finest product: top quality Basque milk.

Le Grand Basque is an illustrious cheese made in the authentic Estive terroir tradition of high mountain grazing and milk from a single herd. It has a firm texture and intensely concentrated flavours with floral notes and toasted nut aromas. This is a one of a kind cheese with a dry texture, rough and pungent yet with a subtle charm much like the Basque country where it’s made. A delight for the palate.

With its pronounced flavour, this cheese is wonderful served alongside an amber ale. It’s delicious with blueberry, quince or fig preserves and go well with nuts, dates and dried figs. Le Grand Basque can replace Parmesan in lots of recipes.

Technical Informations
Origin Basque Country, France
Type pressed hard cheese
Milk pasteurized cow's milk
Texture firm, fine, slightly crumbly
Flavour smoky, toasted
Aroma floral and toasted nut notes

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