Pilota Onetik (Vache - Brebis)

Pilota Onetik (Vache - Brebis)

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A mixed cheese, sheep and cow. Once you breach the natural rind you will find a butter-coloured interior with many small eyes.
The aromas smells of nuts and sizzling melted butter. The texture is semi firm to firm from its 90 days of aging. Pilota has a mellow, sweet, cultured-milk taste, with enough salt to balance its sweetness.

We match this cheese with Petit Cantenac St-Emilion Grd Cru 2015

Technical Informations
Origin Pays Basque, France
Type pressed, pasteurised
Milk cow's & sheep’s milk
Rind natural
Texture semi-firm
Flavour buttery
Aroma nutty, grassy

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