Cognac Ile de Re Double Matured 700ml

Cognac Ile de Re Double Matured 700ml

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Distilled on the lees to enhance the original flavors of the eaux-de-vie from which it is produced, Camus Ile de Ré Double Matured is the result of a unique aging process. It is first matured on Ile de Ré in a damp cellar, after which the eaux-de-vie are transported to Cognac and placed in very old barrels which have been toasted specifically to give the cognac structure and a smoky flavour. The combination of these two aging stages creates a sophisticated, original Cognac.

Ile de Ré Fine Island Double Matured is a bold, distinctive Cognac with unmistakably maritime tones. On the palate it displays a perfect balance between smoky notes and touches of candied fruit with a hint of honey.

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