Saveur du Maquis

Saveur du Maquis

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Also known as ‘Brin d’Amour’ (touch of love) or ‘Fleur du Maquis’, this lovely sheep milk cheese is traditionally covered with Corsican herbs, chilies, and juniper berries. The aging is approximately three months with the whole round weighing only about 500g.

The aroma speaks of the Coriscan landscape (the maquis) and the appearance resonates with the island vegetation. The texture of the paste is soft and delicate with honeyed nuances and a slightly tangy note on the finish. Surprisingly the herbs and spices do not overwhelm the cheese, but merely hint to the land of origin.

Match with rosé or try a regional match with Fazi Corisica Rosé.

Technical Information
Origin Corisca, France
Type soft
Milk unpasteurised sheep's milk
Rind natural, covered with herbs
Texture soft, delicate
Flavour honey
Aroma floral

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