Trou du Cru 65g

Trou du Cru 65g

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Berthaut, the famed producer of Epoisses, is reponsible for developing and producing Trou du Cru. Effectively a tiny version of Epoisses, this delicious little nugget is made in the Côte d'Or region of France.

After production, and once it is in the maturing "caves," Trou du Cru is wiped with Marc de Bourgogne, a strong type of eau de vie alcohol, which is what produces the deliciously sticky rind and seductively luscious interior. The cheeses are aged on straw to allow them to breathe and prevent them from sticking to a flat surface, and there they also pick up a sweet smell of straw and hay.
Match with Sancerre or Pouilly-Fuisse.

Technical Information
Origin Burgundy, France
Type semi-hard
Milk pasteurised cow's milk
Rind washed
Texture smooth, creamy
Flavour strong, floral
Aroma pungent

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