Cabecou / Rocamadour 35g

Cabecou / Rocamadour 35g

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Rocamadour, whose story date back to the 15th century, and whose name comes from the medieval village where it is produced, is a small cheese made with unpasteurised whole goat's milk carries the AOC quality label since 1996. Presented in the shape of a small35g disk, it is recognisable by its creamy and smooth paste, as well as its subtle cream, hazelnut and butter taste. Rocamadour is simply irresistible and will doubtlessly delight the cheese lovers. A true enjoyment!

Rocamadour pairs very well with a south west wines such as Gaillac and Bergerac.

Technical Informations
Origin Midi-Pyrenees, France
Type soft
Milk unpasteurized goat's milk
Rind natural
Texture smooth, creamy
Flavour sweet, nutty
Aroma slightly goaty

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