Pierre Robert

Pierre Robert

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Fromagerie Rouzaire is an independent family-run business over 3 generations, located in the heart of the Brie area. The whole production process is done by hand, following traditional methods.
The name comes from two friends, Pierre and Robert, who wanted to offer a mature version of Brillat Savarin.

Pierre Robert is a decadent triple-crème-style cheese from Seine-et-Marne. Buttery, smooth and mild, it melts in the mouth when young and becomes richer and more tangy as it develops its thick, velvety white crust.

It pairs well with red wines from Burgundy, Loire Valley or South West and also with Champagne and Muscat.

Technical Informations
Origin Seine-et-Marne, France
Type soft
Milk pasteurized cow's milk
Rind bloomy
Texture creamy
Flavour mild, buttery
Aroma milky, mushroomy

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