Morbier Rivoire " Raw Milk"

Morbier Rivoire " Raw Milk"

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Made in the Jura Mountains, Franche-Comte region, Morbier cheese dates back to the 19th century when producers of Comte cheese decided to make a smaller cheese for their own consumption. In the older days, the layer of vegetable carbon separated the curd made from morning milk from the curd made with the evening milk.

The cheese has a pungent aroma that is surprisingly mild. Made with the milk of the Montbeliarde cow which is typical of this area, it has a supple silkiness that is sweet, rich and has a nutty aftertaste with hints of fruit and fresh hay.

It pairs well with fruity white wines, nuts and grapes, and is a great melting cheese used in recipes like quiche Lorraine, potato gratin.

Technical Informations
OriginJura, France
Type pressed, uncooked, soft
Milk unpasteurized cow's milk
Rind natural
Texture creamy
Flavour fruity, nutty
Aroma fresh hay, pungent

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