Maconnais 50gm

Maconnais 50gm

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Also known under the name of Chevreton de Macon, the Maconnais cheese comes from the Bourgogne region of France. This delicious little goat’s cheese has a unique taste.

The longer the maturing period the harder and more salty the Maconnais will become. The rind has a natural mould and the pate is, uncooked, not pressed, rough and hard enough to make it a ‘fromage fort’. There is a faint smell of spring herbs that pervades the pate.

The cheese perfectly goes with a glass of Chablis, Macon Red or Beaujolais.

Technical Informations
Origin Burgundy, France
Type uncooked, unpressed soft
Milk unpasteurized goat's milk
Rind natural
Texture smooth, compact
Flavour mild, creamy
Aroma goaty, mineral, mushroom

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