Roquefort Tranche 100g

Roquefort Tranche 100g

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In the south of France, a village of Aveyron gave its name to this cheese: Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. It's within this unique framework that all AOP Roquefort is made. The exceptional Papillon Roquefort is distinguished first and foremost by its white curd and the intense blue which generously marbles its wide and numerous cavities. In the mouth, its unctuous and supple texture melts deliciously with a recognizable taste, powerful and lingering after taste.

Papillon Roquefort can be served as a delicacy accompanied by a good slice of rye bread and a glass of wine such as sweet red wines or Sauternes, but it can equally add a sublime touch to some of your other dishes. Roquefort is an invaluable ally in the kitchen, a guarantee of subtle and delicate savours.

The sealed packaging facilitates the ageing, helps to protect the emerald-green mould and keeps the cheese moist

Technical Information
Origin Auvergne, France
Type semi-soft, artisan, blue-veined
Milk unpasteurized sheep's milk
Texture creamy and crumbly
Flavour salty, sharp, tangy
Aroma subtle

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