Persillé de Rambouillet

Persillé de Rambouillet

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Persille de Chevre, also known as Persille de Rambouillet, is from the farm La Ferme de la Tremblaye, which is located 45 kilometres south-west of Paris. This new cheese has recently pleased numerous juries in various competitions and was rewarded the Food Innovation and Heritage prize in 2014.

With its damp, ashy exterior and fudgy, ivory white interior and bright-blue veins, this is one of those cheeses that you almost don’t want to eat because it’s so beautiful. This is an unusual creature, a fairly new cheese that has a sweet cream undertone with notes of earth, hay, caramel, and salt with a white pepper kick.

Simple companions, such as walnuts and honey add complementary and contrasting textures, but won't try to steal the show from this magnificent coup de cheese plate. It pairs well with a fruity, dry, white wine such as Savoie/Jura wines.

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Origin Ile de France, France

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