En Primeur

Bordeaux 2018 En Primeur NOW CLOSED

Taking out the previous years blip where frost decimated the vintage, 2018 appears to continue the golden run of 2015 and 2016.

Our sources in Bordeaux are really quite excited by the quality and have already pointed us in the direction of what they consider some real over performers. Their overwhelming impression of this vintage is the impeccable balance which makes the wines virtually unspitable when tasting.

On the left bank the Cabernets are phenomenal, and the Merlots are at a level rarely seen on this side of the river. On the right bank as you would expect the Merlots are gorgeous, but the real star is the Cabernet Franc. Overall in comparison with 2016 there is a little less fruit, but more alcohol, tannin and freshness.

The big question - will the Bordeaux aristocracy keep a lid on the prices or will they blow out. Either way we’ll be sifting through the offers to buy the best bargains.

For a more in depth vintage analysis go to the attached reports from critic Jean-Marc Quarin or the most quoted report from the ISVV at Bordeaux University, co-written this year by Axel Marchal considered by many “the future great Oenologist of Bordeaux”.

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