En Primeur


Thank you very much for your interest and support in the 2019 campaign. Orders are now closed, but if you had any queries, please contact scott@mvauron.co.nz 

Normally the press and critics tastings of the 2019 vintage would have occurred in early April and the offers would have started to trickle out to become a rush in May/June, but this year COVID-19 has really thrown a spanner in the works for the Bordelais.

So far no tastings, no offers, we can feel the panic growing behind the Chateau doors. Here’s our take on the vintage.

Global warming is on everyones mind these days and so a mild early spring with early budburst was no surprise, however it turned cool after this and it wasn’t until July that the sun and warm temperatures kicked in. August and September provided near perfect conditions in what turned out to be a quite long and drawn out vintage. What did we get?

  • Great white wines, there are big things being said already about these.
  • Potentially great right bank reds the Merlot has performed exceptionally well – one caveat watch the alcohols. They appear to have caught the New world disease on ripeness.
  • Highly perfumed Cabernets, possibly lacking the structure of 2016 and 2018, but for us this could well be a positive as we no longer have the patience to wait 25 years.
  • Tiny vintage for Sauternes due to late onset of botrytis

Now that the offers are coming in, the question on what to buy for us will hinge on one thing - PRICE. The wines will be good, many outstanding, but if we don’t see the value we will not be recommending you buy.

For a full vintage analysis click on the link below

We always used to refer you to the summary by the iconic Denis Dubourdeau, but since his death in 2016 the mantle has been taken by his colleagues and proteges:

Dr. Alex Marchal, Dr. Valerie Lavigne, and Professor Laurence Geny.



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