De Boel France

Since 2011 they have been working for local domains and freshly settled in the Rhone Valley in 2016. 

Nelly FRANCE from Brittany and Arnaud DE BOEL from Belgium, have unfortunately not inherited vineyards, so they created everything from scratch. You will hear so much talk about  planting , with all the constraints that go with, including the test of their patience... Fortunately, they still found  plots of old vines . 

Their estate is located in Lemps, in the northern Rhône,  between Lyon and Avignon. They have vineyards in many locations, one being Saint Joseph which is virtually a stone throw from the orginal Maison Vauron, a wine merchant/wine bar in Saint Etienne established 120 years ago by Jean-Christophe's great great grand-father Antoine Vauron.