When you are told by some of France’s greatest producers, ‘you need to try the wines of Guiberteau’, this is a recommendation you don’t take lightly.

The Loire valley has become a hotbed of young vignerons pushing the boundaries and creating some of France’s most exhilarating wines. Even allowing for this, Romain Guiberteau is a true epiphany, and the groundswell, or now I should say tidal wave of praise has quickly pushed him to superstar status. Mentored by Nady Foucault of Clos Rougeard, and inspired by Thierry Germain of Roches Neuves the whites are some of the most refined, pure and mineral Chenins that you will taste while the reds take Cabernet Franc to a rare level of elegance and texture.

Riding the crest of this new wave, Romain Guiberteau has emerged as one of Saumur’s brightest talents. He is the third generation at this estate and oversees the now organic viticulture as well as all the winemaking responsibilities.