Onetik Brebis Ossau Iraty

Onetik Brebis Ossau Iraty

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Onetik cheese dairy is located in the small village of Macaye at the foot of the Pyrénées Mountains in Basque Country; for over 30 years Onetik has collected milk from Berria Cooperative farmers to make authentic and delectable cheeses using the traditional methods handed down by our ancestors.

Their traditional Basque Ossau Iraty cheese proudly bears the PDO Protected Designation of Origin label. It's made exclusively with milk from local breeds of sheep (Manech and Basco-Bearnaise). It has a succulent and complex flavour, developing notes of hazelnut and caramel as it matures - for at least 4 months. The cheese rind is covered with grey and red moult spots: you just need to brush off the rind to remove them.

To match the complex flavours and slightly salty zest of this cheese, pair with a sweet white wine from Jurançon.

Technical Information
Origin Pyrénées, France
Type pressed, uncooked, semi-hard
Milk pasteurized sheep’s milk
Rind natural
Texture supple
Flavour tangy, aromatic
Aroma nutty, herbal

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