Tomme de Savoie - Yenne

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Tomme de Savoie is the doyenne of Savoie cheeses which in former times was made by each farmer for their own consumption from the skimmed milk left over from butter production. It is a cow's milk cheese, with an uncooked pressed paste and a grey, blotched and bloomy rind.

Tomme means piece and is a general word for semi-hard cheeses made by specialist cheese-makers. Surrounded by a brown-grey rind, and with a semi-firm texture, the cheese has a strongly grassy and wet stone aroma, with hints of mushrooms and caramel.

Technical Informations
Origin Savoie, France
Type pressed uncooked, semi-hard
Milk unpasteurized cow's milk
Rind bloomy
Texture supple, semi-firm
Flavour grassy, milky, mushroomy
Aroma herbal, earthy

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