Soignon Buchette Chevre Plain 110g

Soignon Buchette Chevre Plain 110g

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This mini log has a melt-in-the-mouth texture and a light, fresh flavour. This natural’s goat’s cheese will bring diversity to any cheeseboard and variety to your recipes. It is great to spread on crackers or bread, for grilling and is ideal for mousses or quiches.

Vacuum packed to prevent them from drying out, the mini logs will keep, in optimum condition right up to their best before date. This packaging will also protect the logs during transport and storage.

Basically any wine - white, red or rosé - that’s young, fresh, unoaked and lightly chilled will go with goats cheese, with a preference for Sancerre from the Loire Valley.

Technical Informations
Origin Centre, France
Type soft, fresh
Milk pasteurized goat's milk
Texture fine, melting
Flavour fresh, lactic
Aroma slightly goaty

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