Jurassic d' Eté

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Exceptionally unusual for a renowned French cheese: Jurassic cheese is not even 40 years old. However, its origins go back to the 15th century. This apparent contradiction is explained by the fact that Jurassic cheese is a small Comté cheese, the history of which began over 500 years ago.

Originally from the Jura Massif, the milk used to make Jurassic cheese comes from cows of the Montbéliarde breed. This hard cheese is exclusively made from summer raw milk, when the cows graze on the lush pastures in the Jura mountains (between May and October). The cheese ripens in cold natural cellars for at least 10-14 months.

Jurassic cheese enhances every course of a meal, from aperitif to cheese plate. Also enjoy it in gratins and fondue. It is also ideal in sauces and it goes very well with white meat and fish. Jurassic has a rich aroma and a fruity flavour, perfect with red Burgundy wines.

Technical Informations
Origin Jura, France
Type pressed cooked, hard
Milk unpasteurized cow's milk
Rind natural
Texture smooth, supple
Flavour fruity
Aroma floral

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