Mont Jura

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Only made with summer milk , this is a hard, unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese with a fruity, satisfying taste and warm, nutty flavour. 18-24 months old. The flavour becomes very tasty, quite powerful and the nuttiness is intensified.

This is a gourmet cheese to savour in very thin slices and leave to melt on the tongue before swallowing. Made in the highland area of the Jura Mountains, where the cows graze on alpine grasses during the summer months. Only milk from 2 breeds of cows-the Montbeliarde cows and the Simmental cows, which is also used for Comte.

Technical Information
Origin Jura Mountains, France
Type hard
Milk unpasteurised cow's milk
Texture firm, cristalised, crumbly
Flavour nutty, fruity
Aroma grassy, rich

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