Tete de Moine

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On the mountain pastures of the Swiss Jura, from spring to autumn, the cows enjoy the particular composition of the aromatic grasses and herbs, as well as fragrant hay in winter. These give the Tête de Moine AOP its unmistakeable character, marked by its natural environment, and its incomparable flavour. It is in this region, in the monastery of Bellelay, that this cheese was created 800 years ago.

It is believed that the monks staying at Moutier - the mountainous zone of the Bernese Jura - manufactured this cheese, and hence the cheese takes the name 'Tete de Moine' meaning 'Monk's Head'. In 1982 the Girolle was invented, a machine which makes it possible to make ‘rosettes’ of Tête de Moine by turning a scraper on an axle planted in the centre of the cheese.

Protected by the AOP certification since May 2001, Tête de Moine pairs well with Rhone Valley red wines like Hermitage and Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

Technical Informations
Origin Swiss Jura, Switzerland
Type pressed uncooked, semi-hard
Milk unpasteurized cow's milk
Rind natural
Texture silky, smooth
Flavour pure, aromatic, stronger with age
Aroma earthy, mushroom, hay

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