Etivaz Ete AOC

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L’Etivaz AOP is a hard cheese made using unpasteurised milk. It is produced by hand in over one hundred alpine creameries in the Vaud Alps between May and October using a traditional recipe. The raw milk is processed on site and is full of the aromas of fine alpine herbs.

Etivaz AOP has a distinctive, tangy, fruity flavour with a slightly nutty note. The flavour varies from Alp to Alp, depending on the diet of the cows. The cheese ranges in colour from ivory to light yellow with wheels weighing between 15 and 35 kilograms. Etivaz AOP is matured for between five and 13 months and can be stored for very long periods.

Technical Information
Origin Vaud, Switzerland
Type cooked, pressed
Milk unpasteurised cow's milk
Rind hard, brushed
Texture hard, crumbly with salt crystals
Flavour full and fruity
Aroma cooked fruit and alpine herbs

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