Vieux Brugge

Vieux Brugge

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A limited edition cheese made exclusively of milk produced in May, when milk is at its highest quality.

Named after a historical Belgian town of Bruges, this cheese is ripened for thirty months to develop its delicious taste and even texture. Very little salt is used in the creation of this product, which allows it to maintain a mild, but complex flavour in spite of its long ripening time. Similar to Old Amsterdam and Extra Aged Gouda, Vieux Brugge is sure to become a gourmet favourite. Goes perfectly with a fresh salad of rocket, tomatoes and olive oil and a generous splash of balsamic vinegar

Vieux Brugge has very low lactose content.

Technical Information
Origin Belgium
Type hard, pressed
Milk pasteurised cow's milk
Rind waxy
Texture hard, crumbly with salt crystals
Flavour full and fruity
Aroma cooked milk

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