Camembert Petit Bocage 150g

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Since 1910, E. Graindorge Cheese Dairy has been passed down from father to son. The company specializes in the production of the four Norman Protected Designations of Origin cheeses, Livarot, Pont-l’Eveque, Camembert de Normandie and Neufchatel.

A superb cow's milk Camembert cheese from Normandy, Camembert Petit Bocage has a fabulous creamy and buttery texture that turns decadently gooey as it matures. With a classic bloomy rind, this creamy French cheese has a pungent aroma but a very mild flavour that finishes smoothly, with no tanginess. As well as a good way of finishing a meal, it also lends itself to the preparation of tasty hot dishes. Pair with a fruity red wine and is always fabulous with Cider!

Technical Informations
Origin Normandy, France
Type soft
Milk pasteurized cow’s milk
Rind bloomy
Texture buttery, creamy
Flavour mild
Aroma pungent

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