Abbaye De Citeaux - Lait Cru

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Abbaye de Citeaux is a very small production monastic cheese still made within the walls of the Citeaux Abbey. The majority of the three hundred cheeses made every Monday and Tuesday are sold in the abbey shop.

Like all monastery cheeses the rind is brine-washed, giving a pungent aroma and an ivory pate rich and smooth with fresh hazelnut earthiness. Made with milk from the Montbeliarde breed – perfect for this style of cheesemaking – the result is a deeply satisfying and quite moreish cheese, perfect on a cheese board.

Abbaye de Citeaux cheese goes well with Beaujolais or a young and fruity Burgundy.

Technical Informations
Origin Burgundy, France
Type soft
Milk unpasteurized cow's milk
Rind washed
Texture creamy, dense
Flavour mild, fruity
Aroma earthy, pungent

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