XII Gin 700ml

XII Gin 700ml

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Gin XII is craft distilled from twelve plants and spices in a plate column still, creating a subtle range of aromas. Gin XII owes its name to the twelve plants and spices that go into its creation. It is characterised by fresh, minty, floral, slightly spicy notes and a beautifully lingering finish. A dry gin with a rich, authentic taste, born of a long period of research and reflection.

Gin XII takes full advantage of its Haute-Provence terroir and its subtle blend of herbs such as thyme, rosemary, basil, eucalyptus, sweet almond and mint, which join forces with small juniper berries to express the aromatic intensity of a stroll through the garrigue. Its rich and authentic flavour expresses all the aromatic beauty found in Provence.

Gold medal winner - Beverage Tasting Institute 2021

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