Vermouth Rouge 750ml

Vermouth Rouge 750ml

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One of the distillery’s oldest products, Vermouth Routin Original Rouge is among Philibert Routin’s most famous creations.

Formulated in 1883 by founder Philibert Routin in Chambéry, these liqueur distillers have been inspired by this original recipe, this is a subtle blend of 24 plants and spices, including wormwood, cloves, lavender, coriander and vanilla. This is wedded with a blend of white French Sauvignon wine and local Jacquère wine. Its unique flavour is due to a distinctive maceration process.

A signature Savoyard apéritif, Vermouth Routin Original Rouge owes its unique flavour to an proprietary aging process: precisely 50% of the finished product is aged in oak barrels to achieve the perfect balance.

Serving suggestions
Vermouth Routin Original Rouge is traditionally served with ice and orange decoration (wheel or peel). It is also excellent in cocktails.

Distillery tip: Accompanied by chocolate and nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), Vermouth Routin Original Rouge makes a wonderful ending to meals.

Storage advice: Unopened bottles of Vermouth should be stored upright, like spirits. Once opened, keep chilled. Like any fortified wine, Vermouth is sensitive to oxygen, which impairs its aromatic bouquet and its flavour. The cold slows oxidation of its aromas.

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