Crottin Chavignol AOC 60g

Crottin Chavignol AOC 60g

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The most famous cheese of the Loire Valley is produced since the 16th century in the village of Chavignol, near Sancerre. The Chavignol has a natural rind which ranges from pale ivory to almost black. It is one of those rarest cheeses that can be eaten at various stages of its maturity.

Crottin de Chavignol is excellent as part of a cheeseboard and also fabulous when grilled and served warm on a salad as a starter. Serve alongside a floral Sancerre to play up the sweet, clean finish of the cheese.

Technical Informations
Origin Loire-Valley, France
Type soft
Milk unpasteurized goat's milk
Rind natural
Texture firm, compact
Flavour nutty
Aroma woody, slightly goaty

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