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Maroilles has been made in the north of France since the 7th Century when it was created by monks of Saint Humbert Abbey. The Leduc family has been making AOP Maroilles cheese for three generations. A great artisan cheese maker dedicated to one simple rule, quality.

Maroilles is an AOP cheese with a square shape and once fully matured the cheese develops a distinctive brick red sticky rind and characteristic flavour. Matured from five weeks to four months, it has a powerful, pungent aroma suggestive of fermenting fruit and the flavour is reminiscent of smoky bacon. Earthy notes of walnuts and mushrooms contrasted by a pungent aroma are very typical of an aged Maroilles.

Maroilles goes well with an aromatic white wine such as a late-harvest Gewurztraminer.

Technical Informations
Origin Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
Type soft
Milk pasteurized cow's milk
Rind washed
Texture creamy, smooth
Flavour mushroomy, nutty, salty, sweet
Aroma strong, pungent

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