Boursin Garlic & Herbs 150g

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Created in 1957 by Francois Boursin, the Garlic and Herbs Boursin is a staple in the French kitchen. When it was first developed in Normandy, Boursin named it after his small hometown of Gournay and limited the production to Croisy-sur-Eure in France. Even though Boursin is available today in more than 30 countries, it has achieved maximum popularity in France.

Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs is a fresh, creamy and spreadable cheese, with a buttery flavour and slightly crumbly texture.
Add it to salads, pasta or serve it as a typical appetizer. It can be spread on crackers and bread or used for vegetables dips. Also, the cheese melts well to create a smooth sauce for pasta and chicken. This cheese is a favourite brand amongst top chefs.

Technical Informations
Origin Normandy, France
Type soft, spreadable
Milk pasteurized cow’s milk
Texture creamy, crumbly
Flavour garlic, fine herbs
Aroma fresh, strong

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